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How does an ordinary probiotic yogurt brand produce the most shared and liked ad of all time? By harnessing the power of trackvertising – a new hybrid of music video and brand advertisement.

Jointly produced by Activia, Shakira and the UN World Food Programme, ‘La La La (Brazil 2014)’ has racked up over 550 million views – blasting VW’s Darth Vader boy off the top spot. But, what’s the connection between probiotics and Shakira’s music?

It’s what you get from dance, music, football and giving – ‘feeling good from within’ – and that’s what you get from Activia. It’s therefore the emotion used to reengage consumers and create sustainable growth in an increasingly regulated category where functional, claims-based TV ads weren’t working.

Having an amazing video helped, but it took an innate knowledge of global audiences and PR expertise to make this the world’s most shared branded ad. Our understanding of audiences enabled us to transform the above-the-line idea into a truly engaging PR campaign that succeeded at local levels and on the global stage.

We even worked with Sony and Vevo – two of the biggest names in the music industry – to develop the first-of-a-kind launch strategy for a trackvertisement which gave us invaluable insight and helped inform our seeding strategy.

Activia and Shakira’s partnership with the UN’s World Food Programme coincided with the World Cup. The social marketing cause was amped up with a sharing strategy, and we even got famous footballers supporting the cause. The precision timing made it feel as if the world was coming together in celebration.

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The global success of the video was further supported by media-worthy content. Psychological research demonstrated the link between Activia, dance and feeling good, and engaging content such as advertorials and interviews with Shakira helped maintain the momentum.

The record-breaking shares, millions of views, and invaluable media coverage translated into phenomenal brand success. The unprecedented buzz and coverage fuelled a worldwide phenomenon that transformed Activia’s falling sales into global growth.

Thanks to a global understanding of consumer behaviour and savvy PR ingenuity, Activia’s ‘Feeling good starts from within’ campaign was transformed into a human success story – one that still holds the record for ‘Most Shared Ad of All Time’.


The work we did to amplify Y&R's creative helped to deliver:

  • 1,300 editorial articles across the globe
  • 1m Facebook likes
  • Over 5 million views of the Dare La La La (Brazil 2014) video
  • 120m organic impressions via the social media engagement campaign
  • 500k YouTube views of the Behind the Scenes video
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 “In the last year we’ve seen a rise in videos that could arguably be defined as both music video and brand advertisement. The clearest example is Activia’s musical collaboration with Shakira and the World Food Programme, which recently overtook Volkswagen’s ‘The Force’ as the most shared ad of all time. ‘Dare La La La (Brazil 2014)’ – launched just before the World Cup – has so far generated nearly 5.5m shares and has been watched more than a quarter of a billion times.” Forbes, 09.09.14

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