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How do you do build a site that responds to the requirements of a completely transformed business? With a website that underlines their renewed commitment to putting customers first by centring it around the needs of users.

We recently launched RSA Group's website and digital brand, taking the best of what the brand stands for - transparency, trust, clarity of information - and creating a digital presence that is firmly rooted in prioritising its customers. This is exemplified by the mobile-first approach that delivers contextualised, two-way engagement regardless of how, when and where it is being accessed.

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But the website was just a starting point. In order to ensure a constant flow of quality, relevant content for RSA Group’s audiences, we worked with RSA to hold workshops with key stakeholders for valuable insights, helped identify the structure, process and people needed for a cross-functional editorial team, and optimised and managed conversations across all online channels. Post-launch a regular steering committee with participants such as senior stakeholders across the IR, Communications and Digital functions, as well as a bi-weekly editorial meet to discuss news stories and campaign ideas.

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The new website’s personal touch and renewed focus on content and storytelling is highlighted via the profiling of employees as content authors– so users would be more likely to engage with it on a more individual level.

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As one of the world’s most trusted insurance groups, RSA Group is committed to informing customers and shareholders about emerging risks and opportunities in an ever changing world. With this in mind we developed ‘The Thread’– a space on the website where RSA Group publishes thought leadership, expert advice and resources for customers, partners (brokers and affinity brands) and investors. Stories published include ‘The cost of running a home’, ‘Telematics’, and ‘The Impact of Driverless Cars’ since the site went live.

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Today RSA’s digital touch points are now more engaging and reflective of their business. And in line with their pledge to put the needs of their site’s users first, the site loads in an industry busting time of 0.5 seconds thanks to best-in-class code.

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