Influencer and Social Planner

The planning and insight team

We are a diverse team of three people, looking for a fourth person with different skills. The team has a collective 50 years’ experience in the PR, FMCG, digital and shopper marketing industries, both client and agency side. And has some major awards under its collective belt. Including some very prestigious ones. We pride ourselves on being collaborative, forward thinking, inquisitive, flexible and always welcoming to new people and ideas. If you think you fit this bill come and talk to us about being our Influencer and Social Planner.

The influencer bit

Working with MSL Planning Leads, MSL Account Leads, and senior staff of sister agencies (such as Saatchis & Saatchis and Leo Burnett) you will help win and grow new business by learning to use and deploy the proprietary Publicis influencer identification and insight methodology.

In partnership with MSL account teams you will be in charge of defining the influencer strategy component of communications plans by helping to determine the role of influencer communications, appropriate content topics and influencer types.
You’ll also help design and run team training so junior members of MSL’s account teams can effectively negotiate and manage influencer campaigns.

What we think you need to do the job properly…You must ‘get’ the influencer world. This means having a good sense of who’s who on Instagram and YouTube, but also undersanding what makes some influencer campaigns work better than others, to help us deliver high quality, credible content. You must have clear views on how to find the most influential people for a variety of briefs (but be open and curious to new ways of finding them) You must be constantly questioning of what makes them influential and the best ways of judging that. You must also have a clear understanding of the best way of working with them in a mutually beneficial and enduring way.

It is a given that you will be an active consumer of influencer activity.

The social planner bit

We’re looking for someone with a good knowledge of social channels, but most importantly a thirst for what’s changing and what is coming next. It’s important you understand not only how platforms work in the technical sense, but how different audiences behave on those platforms and how brands can leverage them. You’ll be comfortable with social media analytics, social listening and usage data, and this will inform a skill for strategic channel planning.
Specifically we need you to do the following:
Social Media Insights: Research and provide information on the latest developments to social networks, and the best ways brands can use them. Help facilitate and train staff members on social listening tools, uses and reporting
Channel Planning (Social): Make recommendations on appropriate channels for campaigns based on target audiences and platform capabilities
Audience Research: Aiding client teams in the collection and presentation of insights around audiences’ digital behaviour, including categories of influencer for audiences, social media behaviour and channel behaviour.
Broader requirements: A knowledge and interest in social media analytics and audience data will be extremely helpful.

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