7 things you need to know to get your content on Buzzfeed

7 things you need to know to get your content on Buzzfeed

Discover Buzzfeed’s top tips for pitching a great story or piece of content, many of which are entirely transferable to other media channels too!

Gorkana’s Buzzfeed Media Briefing was held at the iconic British Museum on 7th June

Speakers at the event included Buzzfeed’s Senior News Reporter Rossalyn Warren, Senior Lifestyle Writer Chelsey Pippin and Tabatha Leggett Head of Buzz (a position she said sounds fake, but promises us it isn’t). All the speakers emphasised how Buzzfeed is more than just lists on rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches or quizzes on ‘How hipster are you?’. It is a platform to be taken seriously and pride themselves on producing honest, witty and engaging content.

In true Buzzfeed style here is a list of the seven most important things I took from the event, that you can use when pitching a story to them:

1. Consider the Buzzfeed team dynamic

Buzzfeed consists of three separate teams; Buzz, News and Lifestyle. Buzz, being the more stereotypical Buzzfeed content such as lists, quizzes, checklists and identity posts. The Lifestyle team covers product reviews, trends, food, travel and more. The News team has recently begun posting more and more newsworthy content and conducting investigative journalism, after learning that news can coexist alongside quizzes on what Disney character you are.

Watch Gorkana’s film featuring Head of Buzz Tabatha Leggett, Senior Reporter Rossalyn Warren and Senior Lifestyle Writer Chelsey Pippin talk about what makes for good “Buzz” content:

2. Know who you’re pitching to

Make sure you know what the journalist covers, and research whether your pitch links to something they wrote recently, not a year ago. It’s important to not just throw content at them; familiarise yourself with the Buzzfeed platform and know what could be possible. After recently noticing that a lot of their content was focused solely around London Buzzfeed now have a demand for more regional content, so if you have a regional focused pitch then Buzzfeed’s Jamie Jones is your man.

3. Buzz do’s

  • Keep emails clear and concise: Despite the humorous tone of much of the Buzzfeed content, simple, straight forward emails are more likely to be noticed, especially if the main point of the content you have to offer is in the first paragraph.
  • Give them a new way to look at content: The Buzz team know that topics around nostalgia, celebrities and fashion are particularly popular, but will continue to experiment with new and upcoming trends. They aren’t going to stop experimenting any time soon; the content will continue to be weird and wacky in the future.

4. Buzz don’ts

  • Pitch them finished lists: The Buzz team will never feature a full list or quiz a PR has sent, their own writers will always feed into them or rewrite them in their own way.
  • Be gimmicky: Tabatha informed us that the Buzz team probably work with PR’s the least. In order for your email pitch to make it through the mass of content that gets thrown at them every day, don’t make your email too gimmicky.
  • Tell them what to do: Don’t tell them a video has gone viral and expect them to cover it.

5. Gentle nudges are allowed

All three teams were happy to be pitched to over email or phone. Rossalyn, Senior News Reporter, even mentioned she was happy to be tweeted links to content that could be of interest to her. If the team do not come back to your email, it’s fine for you to re-send it again with a gentle reminder.

6. Showbiz content is evolving

The Buzz team cover a mix of celebrity content including celebrity and TV news in the form of features and lists. They are currently looking to expand on celebrity interviews in new formats so will be welcoming any celeb based pitches! Senior Celebrity Reporter Ellie Woodward, is your best point of contact.

7. Media trips are a no-go

Travel PR’s should note that unfortunately Buzzfeed cannot accept offerings of free media trips due to their finance policies. However, it is always worth pitching. If the trip offer is strong enough and is of interest the teams may self-finance.

Now you can follow Buzzfeed on Snapchat!

Things for the near future:

  • Look out for the new Buzzfeed Snapchat profile coming soon!
  • A new ‘Future of Food’ media panel is coming to keep up with the likes of those rainbow grilled cheese toasties
  • Topics Buzzfeed are particularly interested in at the moment include women’s issues and mental health

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