A How To Guide: Pitching to About Time Magazine

A How To Guide: Pitching to About Time Magazine

MSLGROUP UK works with a collection of media companies relevant to our different audiences and so the consumer team attended a live interview to learn more of ‘About Time Magazine’, who they target and how one goes about getting their story told in the publication.

In October, we attended the About Time Media interview and below you will find key information about the magazine and how you should go about getting a post published with them.


Angelica Malin is a 25 year old entrepreneur and the Editor in Chief of About Time magazine, which started two years ago. The team consists of just Editor in Chief Angelica and Alicia Grimshaw, Deputy Editor, however they do have 90 freelance contributors that are used when they require a particular type of feature to be written.


About Time Magazine explores anything it’s ‘about time you tried’ in London and beyond. The online magazine has a food and lifestyle focus, and ‘socially sources’ content, taking inspiration from social media. The site is particularly trend focused, with regular food rounds up, such as quirky Top 5s, a weekly ‘5 things you need to eat this week’ column and a guide to the best places for weekend brunch every week. The site also covers travel, fashion, beauty, fitness, interviews and events, all with an image-led editorial style.

The audience relates to many of MSLGROUP’s clients such as Swisse Vitamins and the esteemed beauty clients we work with. The editorial team are particularly interested in unusual ways to spend your time in London, whether that’s new trends, pop-ups or experiences. The publication centres around a lot of luxury and lifestyle stories, which links in perfectly with MSLGROUP’s Luxury division, as well the MSLGROUP elite offering for aspirational brands: No. 82.


Angelica believes that the definition of luxury is changing and Londoners are now willing to spend more on themselves, rather than save. They don’t necessarily target people with a high salary, but consumers who like to indulge on certain luxuries on pay day rather than necessities.

The magazine is targeted at the 25-35 female London demographic from an A/B profile, although it’s also widely read outside of London. They target London foodies – ‘we seek to only promote things really worth people’s time, money and Instagram filters’.


Although they are based in London, About Time Magazine is read in 172 countries with the highest amount of readers in the UK and then America.


  • Monday/Tuesday consists of: Health recipes/detox/fitness/motivation
  • Wednesday: Angelica said ‘People start to be a bit bored at work and like to be perked up with the likes of hot chocolates recipes especially at this time of year’
  • Thursday: This is when people plan their weekends – so posts about brunch, bars, cocktails and what to do over the weekend should be pitched in
  • They tweet every 15 minutes, but ‘This doesn’t scare off their followers & Twitter is their biggest social channel’ Angelica added.


Pitching to About Time Magazine

1. They find phone calls a little intrusive and prefer if people send an email so the information is much easier to digest

2. They really like it when PRs lay the feature out in their style, for that particular feature. This helps the team know where they should place content on the website

3. Pitches are to be sent no earlier than a week before, otherwise it gets forgotten – all pitches need to be in on the Friday for them to post the next week

4. They don’t look at anything for Christmas until two weeks before!

5. They like a gentle nudge, emailing them on the day of the feature would be helpful


Blog: 70,000 unique users

Twitter: 20,000 Followers

Instagram: 7,873 followers


Angelica explained that she is looking to do more features on travelling with a key focus on ‘Weekend Getaways’ as she feels that is what people are looking for. As well as posting glamourous picture perfect places with luxurious infinity pools and amazing landscapes, Angelica feels like these type of posts get a lot of attention. They also mentioned that they are starting to target males by reducing some of their more ‘girly’ posts.

If you would like to learn more about how MSLGROUP can help you with media relations and your PR strategy, please contact Danielle Murray.

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