Digital touchpoints for recruitment marketing

Digital touchpoints for recruitment marketing

How can you amplify recruitment communications through employee advocacy platforms?

Employee advocacy is a proven way to improve the effectiveness of recruitment communications. But how can organisations make the most of this by implementing the right technology?

Technology can help facilitate employee advocacy by providing a platform to reward employees for their efforts, and by focusing your organisations efforts.

We have talked about the effectiveness of employee advocacy before in this infographic outlining the benefits for organisations. For example, companies that are engaged on social media are 58% more likely to attract top talent and their employees are 27% more optimistic about the company’s future, 20% more inspired and 12% more productive.

Time to hire is also dramatically reduced when organisations engage current employees on social media as part of their recruitment communications, taking just 29 days for a referral, compared to 39 days via a job posting or 55 through a careers website.

Technology to aid employee advocacy on social media

Employees are ideally placed to amplify your brand messages and content on social media and messages shared by employees are considered more authentic than those directly from your organisation.

Additionally, the collective social circles of employees is likely to be larger than that of your brand’s, and social media sites like Facebook favour an individual’s post over a brand’s, creating significantly more reach.

Dynamic Signal

There are a number of technical solutions which can help organisations to maximise employee advocacy on social media. Leading providers Dynamic Signal, Smarp, GaggleAMP, and Hootsuite Amplify should all be considered. Each is an excellent platform in its own right, with the most suitable for your organisation dependent on your individual requirements.


These solutions all provide a platform for employers to organise content and push it to their employees. Employees can use a mobile app, or log into their own part of the web-based system to review available content and share to their own networks. Communications teams can suggest different wording for each post to be shared across various social platforms and employees can choose to use these suggested posts, or create their own.


All of these technical providers have built in analytics and reporting tools, so you can see who has shared what and where. Importantly, you can also identify the best performing content and social platform highlighting things to consider in future content creation to get the most out of your communications.

Hootsuite Amplify

Employee contribution to advocacy is rewarded through gamification, encouraging them to share your content with their social networks. They gain points or badges, a sense of achievement and contribution as they share content and that content is amplified. This leads to happier, more productive employees and a further amplification of recruitment communications.

Of course, success with these platforms does depend on an organisations effective use of them, which is why you should look for a platform that fits your organisation and also helps you to embed employee advocacy successfully.

One-to-one dialogue

Employee advocacy for recruitment marketing goes beyond social media, with platforms like Pathmotion creating opportunities for your employees to engage directly with potential candidates through Q&As and live chat. Personal stories from employees can be a powerful tool for convincing top talent of an organisation’s value as an employer.

Communication through Pathmotion is authentic and trustworthy allowing a sense of storytelling which helps humanise an organisation in a relatable way for potential hires.

With Pathmotion you can enable a branded live chat interface directly into your website or Facebook page with minimal integration, allowing you to leverage existing channels and existing traffic.

Technology can enhance an employee advocacy strategy for recruitment marketing tremendously, especially when combined with a well-considered overall communications, launch and implementation plan. Consider how your organisation can best utilise these platforms to transform the perception of your brand as an employer. Convert the trust your employees already have for your organisation in an authentic way that amplifies the brand beyond anything it can achieve on social media alone.



Claire Hutchings

Head of Marketing

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