Ever wondered how brands become iconic? The November debut of No. 82 – MSLGROUP’s elite offering for aspirational brands – proved to be more than simply a launch event, but an education. Carson Elias, Head of No. 82, hosted the event and featured both Nicolas Roope, Co-founder of Poke and keynote speaker Farhad Heydari, a noted London and NYC based editor, journalist, consultant and observer of the global luxury landscape.

As speakers arrived into No. 82, they were presented with a wall-sized video playing a collection of iconic adverts from the world’s top luxury and lifestyle brands, partnered with emphatic, urban music, which made for a powerful and inspiring welcome.


With a speakeasy ambiance, guests were then transported to the venue, where they were presented with the scent of fresh flowers and welcomed by the No. 82 team. Event designer, Mark Forrest, transformed the space using iconic imagery of brands from across the ages, while the same influential music played.


After enjoying freshly brewed artisan coffees and a delicious breakfast, delegates were led into the event room. Carson Elias then took center stage to welcome attendees and introduce No. 82.

Consumers want exclusivity and authenticity – to feel the entire experience of your brand

Citing her experience with acclaimed brands, such as Rolls-Royce and Emirates, Carson discussed what it takes to make a brand legendary;

The fact that there is a colour named after it, that they are New York City through and through, that their holiday windows are famous around the world — that’s why Tiffany & Co. is an icon now, and forever.


Nicolas Roope then discussed the merger between the digital and real world; particularly the importance of both and how they coexist in tactical execution(s) and in brand-life.

I really enjoyed connecting with an audience as intrigued as we are about what special sauce is required to create iconic brands in today’s dynamic media environment. I’ve had the great privilege of working with the masterful minds behind icons and icons-in-the-making, experiences I love to share.


Subsequently, the guests heard from Farhad Heydari, referencing the brand journey of ‘elegance and eloquence’ and the originality of a brand that makes it stand out and be noticed, noting the AMEX Black Card, now known as the American Express Centurion card, which is owned by invitation only.

Icons are the true embodiment of excellence and exclusivity — they are the people, products and purveyors of distinction for whom creativity, ingenuity and imagination are hallmarks and achievements rendered in tactile experiences and interactions that form lasting memories, bonds and impressions.


Finally, the collection of professionals from the most illustrious brands in the market heard from Carson Elias once again. Carson revealed the tailored and bespoke approach of No. 82 and how the elite services of the No. 82 team can help a brand reach iconic status, making the brand become ‘The One’, which resonates with consumers on a new level.

If you would like to find out how No. 82 can turn your brand into an icon, please contact Carson Elias.



Claire Hutchings

Head of Marketing

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