Celebrating the Fruit of Life

Celebrating the Fruit of Life

The World Avocado Organisation (WAO) marks global launch with a first of its kind immersive Avocado Art Supper Club, supported by MSL and event partner GHO5T.


The evening kicked off with an avocado art masterclass from @fooddeco food stylist, Colette Dike - followed by a three course supper with a twist:

Starter: a “60 second” inspired recipe from Co-Founder of HelloFresh, Patrick Drake, The Avocado Fritter, featured an avocado centre, feta and cherry tomatoes, served with pumpkin seeds and dressing

Main: a visually stunning burger featuring avocado buns, served with sweet potato fries and avocado mayonnaise from Amsterdam’s The Avocado Show

Dessert: The Big Bosh Avocado Brownie featuring warm chocolate, avocado and pecan nuts served with dairy free ice cream, dark chocolate shavings and ice cream from vegan influencers Henry and Ian of BOSH!


Following the supper, guests were invited to take a ride home in an Avo-Cab; a result of the WAO’s recent marketing campaign where London’s iconic red buses and black cabs were transformed to showcase the WAO’s recognisable ‘Avocado Fruit of Life’ branding.

Xavier Equihua, CEO of the WAO commented: “I’m incredibly honoured that the WAO partnered with pioneering food service, HelloFresh to bring this one of a kind event to London. The Avocado Art Supper Club brought some of the most creative and cutting edge names in the foodie scene together to celebrate this diverse and exceptional fruit. Their involvement is testament to the popularity and growth of the avocado in the UK market. The UK, among other markets, has experienced an avocado craze in recent years and the demand for them will continue to increase on a daily basis.”


As part of the evening, guests received a hardback copy of the first ever e-cookbook dedicated to avocados. Available in three languages, the cookbook boasts 30 delicious avocado recipes you can prepare at home. See it for yourself here.

To immerse yourself in the excitement of the Avocado Art Supper Club, be sure to check out the WAO’s social channels at @AvocadoFruitofLife.



Simon Condon

Deputy Managing Director, Consumer

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