How to optimise your careers site with evergreen content

How to optimise your careers site with evergreen content

Evergreen content might last a lifetime, but it still needs constant attention and this is why.

‘Evergreen content’ – another marketing buzzword? Of course it is, but that doesn’t make it any less important to an effective content strategy – especially in the employer branding world.

Evergreen content is anything that will always be pertinent and relevant to your audience and will not date – it essentially stays ‘fresh’, as opposed to time-sensitive content that’s written around a particular day, time or event.

In the employer branding context, it tends to be information predominantly around career offerings, company values and applying processes – content that candidates will always look for and read and doesn’t need updating on a regular basis.

Why evergreen content is king

This content is crucial when it comes to your careers site – especially driving traffic, SEO and building attraction. Unsurprisingly, statistics from CareerBuilder show that 75% of jobseekers start with a search engine, so the higher up on the SERP (search engine results page) your careers site appears, the more job board traffic you’ll get.

These core areas – which every careers site should have, for hygiene purposes as well as good SEO ranking – is where most users will go to get a sense of what your company is about before applying. Consequently they have a big impact on your SEO, and ultimately candidate conversion rates.

A huge part of the algorithm for indexing websites includes analysing data regarding dates or expired content that has had a lot, or not very many, views or traffic recently. This is particularly relevant when it comes to a careers site’s most visited pages such as ‘How to apply’ and ‘Why us’ pages.

These pages will have the strongest ties to your SERP ranking, as they typically don’t have short expiration dates and use common keywords that will be searched for regularly (‘careers’, ‘vacancies’, ‘opportunities’, ‘jobs’, etc).

Risk – and reward

If these pages are well optimised, and pull in a lot of traffic, they can go a long way to improving your site’s position in search results. More importantly, if they’re not, they can have the opposite effect.

If you are already at or near the top of your key SERPs, these will frequently be the candidates’ first point of entry onto your site – so they must capture their interest straight away. That’s why, even if they are evergreen, it is so important to pay attention to these pages to ensure you tell your company’s story in a way that sends good signals to Google (time on page and onward user journeys) – and, of course, any potential candidates through your key messages.

Maintaining constant vigilance

Where many companies go wrong is getting caught up by the topics of the moment and not prioritizing. Many sites can have great blog pages, engaging employee case studies, and elements of gamification that appeal to their audience, but when it comes to an ‘Our values’ page, users land on outdated and dull content.

Contrary to popular belief, these can be formatted and written in a creative way – and adhering to correct SEO best practice doesn’t have to be at the expense of research, audience insight and engaging content. While it is important to be seen as forward thinking and industry thought leaders, a strong strategy should look at both topical and evergreen content.

So never forget that, as with friends, the content pages that are with you for the long haul always end up being the most important. Don’t forget about them.



Susan Parry

Account Manager

Susan brings both consumer and employer brand experience to the MSLGROUP team and now works on some of our largest accounts in the Employee practice.

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