Is AI changing the future of healthcare?

Is AI changing the future of healthcare?

We live and communicate in an age where demands on our time are high and technology is part of our everyday lives, present in almost everything we do. Abigail Last, MSL's Associate Director, Health shares her view on the role of AI in a guest article for PMLive.

When it comes to our health, expectations are higher than ever and we’re constantly looking for quick and easy solutions. In this article, Abigail considers whether artificial intelligence (AI) can provide a holistic approach to integrated healthcare whilst providing the human touch and sensitivity required.

AI is increasingly being used in healthcare,  medical research and drug development and as such, big pharma is investing heavily. Abigail divulges AI's often overlooked benefits in areas such as mental health and oncology, where it can offer access to those who require support outside of the clinic.

But how much trust should we be placing in an algorithm to help with medical diagnoses, what is the margin of error and what about years of experience? When should human interaction with a healthcare professional be introduced?

Abigail concludes that, as with many emerging technologies, AI looks set to become part of the patient and physician journey, driving evolution in the healthcare sector. We are just at the start of its journey.

You can read the full article here on PMLive's blog.

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