Our team building trek

Our team building trek

You might have gotten an eerie feeling walking into the MSL office this Halloween. A distinct lack of animated chatter, a metaphorical tumbleweed making its way up and down the empty rows of desks. It was as though something was…missing. And something was, in fact, missing. The entire Creative Team.

We were an hour and a half outside of London participating in something even more eerie—a haunted Halloween hike. Split into four groups, we were tasked with taking on a 14km hike through Surrey, collecting spooky Halloween-themed tarot cards along the way. Each of these cards had a detail that would be used to craft a ghost story, the best of which would win an incredible prize. 

halloween 1
Just some of the beautifully designed merchandise that accompanied our team building trek

Nothing tells you you’re out of shape quite like a brief jaunt up Leith Tower, the tallest point in Southern England, but that wasn’t the only thing I learned that day. I exchanged interesting stories with my teammates, getting to know them in a way I never would have at the office. Beyond that, we were given a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of London, visit a totally normal and not-at-all-haunted English landmark and use our creativity in new and exciting ways.

Halloween 2
The team ejoying the trek

Some of us were stuck in the mud, more literally than figuratively, but nevertheless, fun was had by all. Naturally, no English hike would be complete without one (or two) pit stops at the local pub, so we ended the night with a reading of tall tales, giant steaks and a few pints. 

Besides the hard work planning and incredible design work that went into the outing, it’s important to know MSL wholeheartedly supports our development both in and outside of work. I’ve never had an away day quite like it, and it’s only my second month at the agency.

Halloween 3
Leith Tower, not creepy and haunted at all

These opportunities are essential in fostering a collaborative and respectful work environment. It’s how we know we’re valued and it infuses our office with fresh thinking and positive attitudes. We all left that day with a deeper understanding of, and consideration for, the people we work with every day. I’m glad to be part of an agency that puts an emphasis on employee development.

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