12 tips for creative thinking in a disruptive world

12 tips for creative thinking in a disruptive world

MSL Copywriter and Content Strategist, Alistair Bradley, shares his top tips for thinking more creatively in business, in a guest article for EY UK Careers.

In the article Alistair suggests that while ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ are banded about in the boardroom, creativity can be seen as an exclusive skill reserved for those within traditionally ‘creative’ industries such as art and design.

However, he sets out guidelines to help just about anyone hone their creative skills allowing them to become more innovative in the work place. Alistair suggests the most important factors to remember are to stay continuously curious and to make connections between seemingly unrelated things. He then gives practical a practical top 12 tips on how to achieve these things.

You can read the article in full and find out more detail about all of his tips on EY's experienced hire blog.



Alistair Bradley

Copywriter and Content Strategist

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