Celebrating the women of 82 Baker Street

Celebrating the women of 82 Baker Street

For International Women’s Day, we prepared a thought-provoking and inspiring programme of activity to celebrate the endless triumphs of women and to call for greater efforts to achieve global gender parity.


Becoming the Leading Woman

As part of our series of training workshops with RADA in Business, we ran two 90 minute ‘Becoming the Leading Woman’ masterclasses. Joining forces with 82 Baker Street, these events offered women in the building an insight into the impact of their behaviour, body language and voice.

Looking to Dr. Albert Mehrabian’s studies, we learned that the full range of human communication is broken down into 7% spoken words, 38% tone of voice, and 55% body language. Whilst often overlooked, nonverbal communication proves far more powerful than the words we choose – it’s not what we say but how we say it. The exercises that followed included shouting out Shakespearean insults, sticking out our tongues and counting to ten with a cork in our mouths. These unusual strategies all moved towards an ultimate aim of developing new breathing techniques, alleviating tension, developing a centered posture and raising self-awareness.

Ultimately, having explored how the smallest changes in our body can have the largest impact on our voice, we left with a new sense of confidence in the clarity, projection and power of our own voices for use within meetings, presentations and every day work life. 

Content we created for International Women's Day

We invited the team – both men and women –  to send in stories of women who have inspired them in their careers, whether by pushing boundaries or helping them navigate their own paths. This formed a lovely photo series, you can find these here on Instagram.

Additionally, we looked to the team to crowdsource the pearls of wisdom that they would offer women eager to kick-start their careers - as well as advice to the Communications Industry itself. The resultant list of advice that you can find here is not only useful for those beginning their careers but invaluable to everyone, regardless of experience, gender or seniority.

Nodding to its place in revolutionary history and as a symbol of ingenuity and visionary thinking (thanks Pantone Colour of the Year), it’s perhaps unsurprising that a strong purple is the colour of IWD. On theme, the office was taken over by purple flowers, sweets and chocolates – and with many of the team wearing purple to celebrate the occasion.

The day was an incredible success across 82 Baker Street and we’re looking forward to carrying the learnings with us every day – not just International Women’s Day.

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