Event: Putting humans at the heart of business transformation

Event: Putting humans at the heart of business transformation

We would like to invite you to our event in partnership with Publicis Drugstore, 'Putting humans at the heart of business transformation.'

When: Thursday 15th February | 6pm - 8pm

Where: Townhall, MSL, 82 Baker Street


We're told that the Fourth Industrial Revolution mean fewer jobs for humans but better ones. So, what is the future for humans? How do we marry the best of technology and people to create successful  transformation. And how do we build organisations that harness the full potential of human ingenuity, creativity and energy to create business success?

Join us in hearing inspirational speakers and an in-depth panel discussion on how individuals and businesses can adapt to stay ahead in the future workplace.


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How organisations and humans need to evolve.


  • Harry Gaskell, Chief Innovation Officer, EY

Why Emotional Intelligence trumps Artificial Intelligence.


  • Dr Martyn Newman, Psychologist and Author

Panel debate and Q&A:Organisations need to invest more in humans and less in technology.


  • Harry Gaskell
  • Dr Martyn Newman
  • Michael Johnston, Innovation Director, Publicis Drugstore
  • Priscilla Kuehnel, Director of Engagement, MSL



Claire Hutchings

Head of Marketing

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