Is employee engagement in crisis?

Is employee engagement in crisis?

MSL’s Director of Engagement, Priscilla Kuehnel writes for Communication Director magazine on the future of work and employee engagement. She outlines what organisations need to be doing now in order to help their workforce survive in the increasingly near future thanks to the rate of change in society and technology.

With only 15% of employees engaged at work* paired with a growing skills shortage that seems to know no bounds, the implications on the bottom line are causing not only Communications Directors to take stock, but employee engagement is now on the agenda of the CEO too.

In her article Priscilla outlines how organisations can harness the power of people and not just technology by tapping into intrinsically human traits. Traits such as emotional intelligence that automation can never fulfil. There is also a job to do on simplifying and streamlining the digital experience at work with a huge focus on wearable technology and the use of employee data.   

Above all there is a need to invest in the workforce in a way we have not seen before. Whether that be upskilling talent who may lose jobs thanks to technology or investing in learning and development in order to attract, retain and engage with talent.

You can read Priscilla’s full article on Communication Director magazine here.


*According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2017 report.

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