Ri Five minutes with Katie Logan

Ri Five minutes with Katie Logan

Associate Director Katie Logan was interviewed by Ri5, the leading news and features website for the recruitment communications industry.

Established in 2001, Ri5 publishes a range of content covering the latest developments and announcements from the world of recruitment communications and recruitment marketing. In addition, they publish news and information from the wider HR and recruitment sectors.

In her interview with Ri5, Katie discusses how recent changes in consumer behaviour is also affecting recruitment marketing. She suggests that social, political and environmental issues are now impacting the recruitment landscape like never before, citing the Blue Planet affect as one of the reasons why almost 60% of UK employees expect the organisation they work for to take a stand on social issues.


Just like consumers, candidates want things at the touch of a button and expect personalised, bespoke communications from employers all the time.

Katie also says the rise in social media is changing how candidates expect to be communicated with both from a channel and messaging perspective.

She goes on to discuss how they work we do for clients at MSL has tackled some of these industry challenges.

Katie has over seven years’ industry experience working in the employee communications industry across a wide range of clients, sectors and audiences.

You can read the article in full on the Ri5 website. You may need to sign up for free on the platform to be able to access it.



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Head of Marketing

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