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Are you prepared to communicate your gender pay gap?

08 March 2018

As the deadline for reporting gender pay gap figures approaches, organisations are considering their communications approach and the potenti...


Six ways to convince Gen Z to work for you

05 March 2018

The media tell us that it’s harder than ever for young people in the UK to get a job. But when it comes to hiring the cream of the crop grad...


Man vs machine: time to re-balance business?

13 February 2018

In recent times the vast majority of western economies have shown anaemic productivity gains and limp GDP growth. This comes at a time when ...


Adapting the Employee Experience to the Digital Age

12 February 2018

The fear of automation in the workplace dates back to before the Industrial Revolution. We are now entering a new wave of rapid technologica...


How can brands stand out in the Facebook newsfeed?

10 January 2018

In January, Facebook announced major changes to how branded content will be promoted in the newsfeed. Many brands are now worried, and alter...


12 tips for creative thinking in a disruptive world

09 January 2018

MSL Copywriter and Content Strategist, Alistair Bradley, shares his top tips for thinking more creatively in business, in a guest article fo...


Is AI changing the future of healthcare?

30 November 2017

We live and communicate in an age where demands on our time are high and technology is part of our everyday lives, present in almost everyth...


Millennials and mental health in the modern workplace

29 November 2017

Last month saw world mental health day and, as a millennial, it got me thinking about how the modern work force can better support my genera...


AkzoNobel - Launching the colour of the year

20 November 2017

AkzoNobel wanted to excite and empower consumers in their home decorating decisions, while also establishing themselves as the colour expert...


The focus of global healthcare communication: Exploring marketing strategies

23 August 2017

Gone are the days of global marketing strategies primarily focusing on Western Europe’s ‘Big 5’ and North America, when a ‘one-size- fits-al...