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How to recruit socially: A morning with AB InBev and LinkedIn

08 November 2016

How do you drive an employer brand via social? And where do you start? Joined by guest speakers from professional social platform LinkedIn a...


@NHS: creating an authentic brand voice on Twitter

27 October 2016

The NHS’s new Twitter account puts real voices and experiences at the heart of its brand.


Why Brexit uncertainty could be bad for graduate business

05 October 2016

The shock decision to leave the European Union has meant a cloud of uncertainty over many aspects of the UK, and one of those is how this de...


Digital touchpoints for recruitment marketing

17 August 2016

How can you amplify recruitment communications through employee advocacy platforms?


What is Influencer Marketing?

13 July 2016

And how can you use social media influencers as part of your brand communications strategy?


Who are Healthcare Communications Influencers?

01 July 2016

Influencer Marketing is currently out performing paid by 16 times when it comes to engagement. However in the Healthcare Communications worl...


7 things you need to know to get your content on Buzzfeed

13 June 2016

Discover Buzzfeed’s top tips for pitching a great story or piece of content, many of which are entirely transferable to other media channels...


What is gamification?

22 March 2016

Gamification is a marmite buzzword. Being an Experience Designer, it’s almost impossible to avoid its recurrence and when mentioned in strat...


How Snapchat is starting to outclass Twitter for moment marketing

12 February 2016

It’s been claimed that fundamental changes to Twitter could make the social media platform devoid, which begs the question – what does life ...


Interview with Avril Lee, MSLGROUP’s MD of Healthcare UK and EMEA

25 January 2016

Avril Lee joined MSLGROUP as MD, Healthcare UK and EMEA in November 2015. As she settles into her new role she explains how she got into hea...