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Event: Putting humans at the heart of business transformation

15 February 2018

We would like to invite you to our event in partnership with Publicis Drugstore, 'Putting humans at the heart of business transformation.'


How can brands become more relevant and credible?

28 November 2017

MSL recently hosted the PRCA's Consumer Group event on brand relevancy and credibility in PR.


Discover how to future-proof your workforce

10 May 2017

With technology becoming faster and more accurate than humans in tackling everyday workplace challenges, humans' role within the workforce i...


How do you build brand success from the inside out? An MSL event with LinkedIn and Culture Amp.

09 March 2017

In an economy where one bad experience can determine a customer relationship, how do you create conditions where your people live, breathe a...


The Modern Foodie Festival – London Evening Standard Food Month

02 March 2017

Tuesday 21st February marked the announcement of London Evening Standard Food Month. A new foodie festival to celebrate London as the world’...


Building Brand Success From The Inside Out

31 January 2017

Why don’t employees get the same love as consumers in the eyes of brand builders? How do we use employees as the new frontier for creativity...


The luxury destination where brands become icons

09 November 2016

Join us for the launch of No. 82 – The Birth of an Icon: How Brands Become Legends. This inaugural event is an inspiring discussion around t...