Known as the brand that will get you safely to your summer holiday. Not so well known as the brand that can take you so so much further.

Mission: Engage, inspire AND HIRE the brightest minds in the universe. TODAY AND TOMORROW. 

Airbus was known as the brand that will get you safely to your summer holiday. Not as the brand that can take you into space. It was time to tell the world that the sky is not their limit.

The Challenge: Raise awareness of Airbus as a major player in Space and Defence.

With a range of roles within the Space and Defence team, Airbus was ready to recruit the space leaders of tomorrow. That meant taking action today.

There are countless barriers for kids that stop them from following their cosmic dreams – whether they be financial, cultural or educational. Airbus needed to show they aren’t just exploring space – they’re making space to make a difference.


A career in Space was seen as the preserve of an elite group of Astronauts and Engineers. We needed to convince them otherwise. We needed to show the impact of space on everything from day-to-day life to climate change:the diversity of problems Airbus is solving and, with it, the need for talent with a broad range of skills and experience.

Together with an action-driven, inspiring campaign message, we identified 3 pillars that speak to our audience’s motivations: PROGRESSING HUMANITY, EXPLORING FRONTIERS AND PIONEERING SUSTAINABILITY.

Then we got to work crafting a campaign that was as big as space itself. Multiple channels. A variety of content types. Partners. Events. Ambassadors. A physical product…there could be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. It needed to be surprising, inspiring and embrace the wonder of Space.

Airbus CS Assets Final 04


Next we turned to our Airbus people, as our most vocal advocates.

We created a series of films that celebrated some of the brightest minds at Airbus, bringing our three campaign pillars to life and showcasing them talk passionately about their work and the pride they take in it.

Amplifying that pride, our airbassadors were armed with a suite of recruitment assets to share on their own channels to their own network. Shares, comments, and likes snowballed, helping towards a stellar total campaign reach of 8.48 million – truly showcasing the power of social conversation.

Airbus Phones 06


We needed to reach the world beyond LinkedIn and Indeed. So, we teamed up with sustainable luxury brand BOTTLETOP to create a series of limited-edition TOGETHERBANDs. These bands are made from ‘space honeycomb’ aluminium satellite offcuts, and went on sale alongside the campaign – the profits going to promote STEAM education in primary schools. A photoshoot, social content, educational content and even floating the bracelet in zero gravity, the campaign amplified our message to a much wider audience.



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