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Lockdown. New streaming TV. Premium food delivery. No, not just another lockdown reality. 

Belief to build: you can experience more

Disney+ needed to launch Star – a new brand and channel for grown-ups – late in 2021. 

Disney+ wanted to engage with premium lifestyle journalists and influencers outside of Disney’s heartland (TV and entertainment media) to generate quality social and media coverage to mark the launch day.

How do you sell a new streaming service when the public has spent the past year streaming?

What we did 

We dialled up the experience. Tapping into the culturescaping trend, we created immersive three-course menus that took media and influencers straight into their favourite Star shows.

A props master set the scene for each course.

The Masterchef-winner Alex Webb created each gourmet bite.

A seafood ‘forbidden fruits’ dish to pair with Desperate Housewives, a salvaged ‘wild boar’ main course for Lost and a delicate Mendi’s patisserie delight for The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Disney Coverage 1
Disney Coverage
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Dessert - inspired by Mendi's from The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Alex Webb - the Masterchef-winner 

The results

As each course was unboxed to thousands of followers on social, and audiences shared their delight at the detail and their love of the shows, we knew people would want more. In addition to strong pick up in Mail Online, Metro & The Telegraph. our highlights included:


people on STAR from Disney+


impressions from premium lifestyle journalists and influencers


interactions with a 2.5% engagement rate


audience through credible foodie ambassador, Alex Webb

The audience response was phenomenal 

“Your stories last night made me want to subscribe to it. Such a great selection of TV shows and movies”  @london

“This is the most enjoyable thing I’ve seen all pandemic. THE DREAM to have an immersive, themed 3-course menu delivered to my door!”

 “Seriously though how amazing! Of course it's Disney going above and beyond, hence my love for them will never die.”

 “Ah I loved watching that! Very excited to get into the new channel can I face Lost again now I know how it ends?” @thissarahpowell

 “This sounds unbelievable, and definitely adding to my lockdown watching” @felicityspector

“Yes Disney!! Something for the grownups!” @luciecave

How we built Belief 

Through deepening the experience. By tapping into a need for more immersive and unique experiences – which were lacking during lockdowns – we went beyond the functional press release and media launch day experience. We created a little more magic. 


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