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Any MSLer who embodies our values can be nominated for our Renegade Master award. The prize: £1,000 and two days off to do something you've always wanted to. Here are our winners so far.

“I’m learning how to speak Welsh”

Abigail Cadogan, an account manager in our employee team, wants there to be more Welsh speakers. “Today only around 11% of the Welsh population can speak the language fluently – I want to be one of the ones that increases that. I’m using the prize to learn Welsh and once I feel confident enough to chat in Welsh, I’m planning to experiment with some new photography equipment and travel to parts of Wales I’ve never visited.”

“I travelled to Tuscany for ravioli”

Michael Crosbie, our associate creative director, has been obsessed with pasta from an early age. “Growing up in New Zealand, the first big foodie moment for me was the arrival of hummus. It revolutionised the way New Zealand thought about platters forever. The next monumental taste: ravioli. I have loved it ever since. The Renegade Master prize gave me the opportunity to travel to Tuscany to learn how to make it myself. I also had an argument with a goat in a vineyard. Money can’t buy that.”

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“I helped a whole lot of people celebrate Christmas”

Jane Cloete, our director of content & strategy, won the prize just before Christmas 2020. “A lot of older people had been isolated in care homes, so I asked a friend from Age UK how the prize could help bring some cheer. The money went a long way: advent hampers for those who weren’t going to have a Christmas. Memory-stimulating kits for those with dementia. And sponsoring a creative writing competition that resulted in a book that Age UK now sells to raise funds.”

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“I got my first tattoo”

Ed Brittain, our head of social and influence, says “the Renegade Master prize celebrates our value of ‘Do It.’ And our agency values of bravery and boldness. So when faced with £1000 and the chance to do something bold, brave and actually DO IT vs thinking about it … I got a tattoo. 

“I scoured the various Instagram feeds and found an incredible studio and tattoo artist. We worked together to create something that was really personal to me, complemented her style and was on budget! Combining my love of my favourite song ‘Windmills of Your Mind,’ Rene Magritte artwork and illusions. It came together to a brilliant harmony. I also committed any amount that was left towards Special Effect, a gaming accessibility charity that is close to my other passion in life, gaming.”


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